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Put an Expert Fire Damage Claims Adjuster on Your Side

When it comes to insurance claims, fire damage is one of the most complex to navigate. The claims adjuster sent out by your fire insurance company is going to do whatever it takes to save money for their company and downplay your loss. At D.Simon & Associates, we work for YOU, doing everything it takes to get you the most from your claim. Call us FIRST!

Common Causes of Property Fires

Fires can be devastating, and if you don’t have adequate fire insurance, the after-effects can be financially debilitating. From small fires to all-consuming blazes, many fires are caused by:

  • Candles or open flames
  • Cigarette smoking indoors
  • Faulty wires
  • Lamp shades
  • Overheated kitchen appliances
  • Portable heaters
  • Unwatched stoves

Why Hire D.Simon & Associates as Your Claims Adjuster?

When you’re dealing with a fire insurance company, you need an expert on your side. As a leading inspection and fire damage claims adjuster, we ensure you get the maximum settlement with the least amount of headaches. Since fire damage can be caused by smoke, soot, heat, the water used to extinguish the fire, and the fire itself, we know much of the damage can be hidden. That’s why our fire damage assessments are thorough, taking the full structure into account, even if the fire was contained to a small section. This raises the chances of finding secondary damage, which often isn’t discovered until long after the initial settlement is taken.

Our process includes:

  • Evaluation of your policy for applicable coverage
  • Investigation of damage to your property
  • Assess damage and the financial impact on your home or business
  • Prepare and defend an accurate claim adjustment to your fire insurance company
  • Negotiate the best settlement with your insurer

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If you’re dealing with the effects of fire damage, partner with the experts at D. Simon & Associates. Contact us today for a consultation.

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